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What Analysis Methods Do We Use?

FOSS: Yes or No?  We have received several questions from customers asking if we use a Foss, Oenofoss, or a Winescan. Our simple answer is no .  Here at The Lab Pros we use primarily manual methods because they are the most accurate .  We have used both the Oenofoss and Winescan in the past and found that they are great tools for large wineries and for monitoring general numbers in your wine, but they need a lot of extra care and attention. Both of these machines use FTIR technology (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy) which operate using a spectrum of light to identify a substance. The use of FTIR is commonly practiced in research laboratories when identifying chemical compounds in a sample, but all FTIR machines need to be calibrated to correctly identify each chemical substance before use. Wine is an organic substance, and “impurities” vary from varietal, viticultural location, and vintage. Simply put, each individual wine is so vastly different on a chemical scal