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Introducing our equipment for microbial testing, vinoBRETT by Invisible Sentinel. This technology provides quantifiable results for Brettanomyces in under 4 hours, allowing better quality control over contamination.  The Lab Pros has partnered with Invisible Sentinel to provide our customers with a better method in testing for Brett. VinoBRETT provides quantifiable results for Brettanomyces bruxellensis in less than 4 hours via PCR analysis.  Brettanomyces is an alcohol tolerant spoilage yeast that creates sensory issues for wine. Although Brett can be found in white wine, it is mostly a concern for reds. Large concentrations can cause a wine to smell like band-aids or a cow farm, not a desirable trait for high quality wines. Brett can appear at any stage in winemaking: hidden in grapes, barrels, or others areas throughout the cellar. It can be difficult to find the original source of Brett and can be even more difficult to get rid of completely. Prevention through dili